Palimpsest: The Transformation of the Menomonee Valley

Palimpsest: The Transformation of the Menomonee Valley is an accordion fold book of 12 plates, printed and hand made by the artist in an edition of 10. Printed on Epson Ultra Premium Presentation Paper with Epson Ultrachrome K3 inks. Digitally composed type set in Optima. Endpapers and slipcase of Canson Mi-Teintes.

The twelve images can be viewed in the Palimpsest portfolio.


The Menomonee Valley once was a verdant wild rice marsh. European settlers tore down the surrounding bluffs to fill the marsh for development. The Valley became the industrial center of Milwaukee, while the marsh dwindled and the river was channeled and polluted. By the late twentieth century most of the factories closed; much of the land became barren brownfields. Recent years brought revitalization and restoration. Today, with the reintroduction of parks and natural areas as well as new industries, the Valley is a symbol for integrating sustainable development with environmental stewardship.

A palimpsest is a manuscript page from which the text has been erased - or scraped clean - so that the page can be used again.

Twice erased, the story of the Menomonee Valley still is being written.

Editioned copies are available. Contact Eddee Daniel.